A Living Corpse; Taylor Lynn

Apr 15

I’m Not An Atheist.

I do not believe in this “God.” But I am not an Atheist.

In my mind, Atheism is a religion. Maybe not in yours; but it is in mine. I’m more of an anti-religion — I don’t necessarily “approve” of it. I wasn’t raised by it, I never went to any kind of church, I don’t follow certain guidelines.

I guess you could call me agnostic. I think that’s the word….

& I’m also not just some snobby & stuck-up teenage girl. Which is understandable for you to think if you read my last post. But I just want to get my word out there. Also; this blog is not just for religious factors. Coincidentally, my first two posts are religion related.


Feb 28

The Man in the Sky.

For the nonexistent man whom kills off every loved one and every praised being. May I ask why? No, I cannot. Because you do not exist. You’re just the man in the eyes of beliefs. They don’t have to see you. They let some dumbfounded “community” lead their lives. They will never be free to do what they want of believe what they believe. If you really loved us, would you let them know that you don’t exist so they can move on with their lives and create something big? Why are you holding them back? Every being was created to make something of themselves.

You are a hypocrite. They don’t see it, but we do. We disrespect your acts of betrayal towards them. We don’t even like them but we still sympathize. Through every conflict you’ve started, every promise you have broken, every plea you have ignored: You are too horrifying and inconsiderate to even be imaginary. I think of you as a fake. You’re unreal.